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Sunday, February 20, 2011

if you can go to the space...

This week we are going to talk about space. You can post everything you want about space:

- Do you like stars?
- Would you like to go to the space?
- Do you think there are extraterrestrials (e.t.)?
- If there are extraterrestrials do you think they are good or bad?
- Would you like to meet an alien?
- Would you like to travel to the Moon?
- What do you think about Pluto not being a planet anymore?

You can answer these questions or comment anything you want about the space and related. (podeis contestar a estas preguntas, o comentar lo que querais sobre el espacio).


  1. I would love to go into space, would be very cool.
    I believe that aliens do not exist.
    I think it would be good!
    Yes, I would love to meet a stranger!
    Yes, it would be very fun to travel to the moon!
    Yes, for me Pluto is a planet for space!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    The space is very interesiting. I like it.

  3. Wow the space is ¡¡¡ FANTASTIC!!! I love space

  4. -I like the stars because some are very bright and very big.
    -I would go to the space,because is immense and all people can see some astronaut!
    -I don´t believe in the extraterrestrials!
    -They are bad.
    -No,they are very ugly.
    -I would travel to the moon,would be very exciting.
    -At present,Pluto doesn`t is a planet,because this planet(Pluto)pass to nine at eight(planets).

  5. yes i like go to the moon and tuoch the sky
    i like stars so much .stars are my life
    yes i think there is alot of thing but i like see it
    they can may be so good then where is that we are living
    yes i like meet them
    yes i like trave the moon i like so much
    i do not know