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Friday, January 31, 2014

Peace Day

 Peace day is dedicated to world peace, and  the absence of war and violence.
Yesterday we celebrated it at our school.
Write about yesterday!


  1. Hi people,
    On 30th of January we celebrate the Peace Day. The Peace Day is celebrated in commemoration of Dead of Gandhi (a good person who liked no war, peace and no violence. Yesterday we celebrated it !!!!

  2. hi everybody:
    yesterday my class and me dance in the corridor because it´s raining in the playgraund
    and we can´t go aut.

  3. Hi friends:
    Yesterday there was the peace´s day and we danced the peace song.
    Yesterday it was rain and we dance in the corridor
    Good Bye friends!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    yesterday was the Peace Day at school.It was raining and we had to do in to the school.I didn't like this.We did a placard very cool but anypeople looked it.
    Good bye!!!!

  5. Hi everybody,
    Yesterday was the Peace's day.In my school,my class made a dance for this day.
    The peace day is celebrated on 30th January because is when Gandhi died in 1948.
    In Peace celebrate no violence and no war.
    Bye bye!!

  6. Hi,
    Yesterday was the peace day. At my school we made a heart and we danced.
    I love peace!
    Bye bye

  7. Hi,
    The peace day was celebrated yesterday.We danced and sang the peace song.
    I like it.
    Bye Bye!

  8. Hi everybody,
    On 30th of January we celebrate the Peace's day.
    It's celebrated the no violence and no war.
    We celebrate in commemoration of dead of Gandhi.


  9. Hello children,
    Yesterday , in my school , we celebrated the peace's day. We made a heart of silk , paper red . it's celebrated the no violence and no war .
    Bye bye !!!

  10. hello everybody,
    yesterday in the peace's day we did a beatiful heart and in the center a little world with 3 paper men .We did a dance . But it was rainning . We celebrate the pace's day in the class
    bye xoxo

  11. Hello school.
    The day of the peace is very good, Im happy, :)
    Bye bye

  12. hello school.
    the day of is peace i love you peace.
    is beutiful peace -i love world and my city .
    bye bye XOXO :)