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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saint Patrick ´s day

On March 17th it´s celebrated SaintPatrick.It´s the Irish national holiday, because saint Patrick is the patron of Ireland.
Do you know something more about this?


  1. Hello girls and boys,
    Saint Patrick is a good day for wearing in green.I want to wear a green Tshirt, What about you?

  2. Hello teacher and children,
    The symbol of saint Patrick is the shamrock. This is the leaf of a clover.
    The main colour for this day is green, but the colours of the Ireland´s flag too(orange, green and white).
    see you wearing green clothes.

  3. Hi,
    Saint Patrick is celebrated on 17th March in ireland , but in other countries too.
    Last year I watched TV Saint Patrick´s parade in New York.In NY. there is a big immigration of irish people, it is a lot of irish people in the city , and they are like a town in a part of New York.
    I have a friend who plays in the Real Banda de gaitas de Ourense, and they marched in this parade.It was great!

  4. Hello,
    Saint Patrick is on 17th March,and I´m going to wear something green because is the colour of this day.
    I´m going to watch the Patrick´s parade on TV.
    I have got a big hat of s. Patrick.