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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eurovision 2011

Eurovision is next Saturday. Are you going to watch it???

Who is your favourite country? I always want Spain to win, but this year my heart is divided between Spain and  United Kingdom. The British group is called Blue, and they are a boy-band from London. They were very famous years ago. So, this year: Go Spain, and Go UK!!!!!

Blue in Wikipedia.
Blue: One love (their most famous song)
Eurovision Song Contest.
List of Eurovision winners of all times.

Do you know any of the groups that are going to participate??? Do you like Eurovision???

Go Spain!!!!! Go United Kingdom!!!!!



  1. I love Eurovision!!!

  2. I really love Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.
    They did very very well.
    But Azerbaijan won. = (

  3. Of course I saw it. Patricia you glad that Azerbaijan has won?

  4. I liked Azerbaijan's song, but I wanted United Kingdom to win!!!

  5. Teacher, that theshield is (que escudo es ese, el de labandera de españa)